Top Turret Manual
Bomb Bay Door Manual

The bomb bay door and top turret conversion kits add a new level of scale realism to the Top Flite B-25J Mitchell ARF. Everything you need is included with easy to follow step by step instructions.

The bomb bay door kit makes it easy to add a working bomb bay that can hold up to 8 bombs from our Electronic Release System.

The top turret kit takes the standard static gun canopy from the TF B-25J ARF and transforms it in to a functional 360 degree rotating turret.

TF B-25J ARF Bomb Bay Door Conversion Kit
$119.95 Add
TF B-25J ARF Top Turret Conversion Kit
$69.95 Add
TF B-25J ARF BBD Conversion Kit + 4 Pylon ERS
$349.95 Add

Demo Videos
Top Turret   Bomb Bay Doors
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